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HEPAbox – NEW plenum box with Hepa-filter


HEPAbox – NEW plenum box with Hepa-filter and specific air-diffusers for “clean rooms” ventilation systems.

HEPAbox is intended for use as an air diffuser of ventilation systems for “clean rooms”, typically present in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical production plants, clean industrial plants etc.


  • square front plate, sizes 400, 500, 600, 625 mm
  • frame filters with frame depth 34… 80 mm
  • volume flow with HEPA filter as a standard, up to 1440 m3/h (400 l/s)
  • designed for filters with filtration class up to H14
  • standard supplied filter class H14 (HEPA filter) brand AAF
  • chamber pressure (final pressure drop) max. 500 Pa
  • 6 types of air-diffusers / air-grilles
  • shut-off damper of tightness class sheet 4 according to EN 1751
  • HEPAbox material and diffuser / grid material of reaction to fire class A1
  • all-welded stainless steel housing for high rigidity, tightness and reliability
  • the surface of the HEPAbox is protected by a special powder paint
  • hygienic design in accordance with the most advanced standards for the HVAC system in hospitals
  • top performance and quality HEPA filters of the AAF brand with very low pressure loss
  • low noise emissions
  • environmentally friendly design
  • can be installed either in the ceiling or freely in the room
  • easy installation, commissioning, diagnostics and filter replacement
  • optional shut-off damper, which is easy to operate from inside the box
  • possible manual (periodic) and automatic (continuous) detection of filter cleanliness

Design in accordance with the following general and hygienic standards

  • VDI 6022, sheet 1 (01/2018)
  • VDI 3803, sheet 1 (05/2020)
  • ÖNORM H 6021 (08/2016)
  • SWKI VA105-01 (08/2015)

Design in accordance with the following standards for hospitals, medical laboratories, etc.

  • DIN 1946, part 4 (09/2018)
  • ÖNORM H 6020 (06/2019)
  • SWKI VA104-01 (01/2019)

Conformity assessed by Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets, Germany, Test report number W-355575-22-Zd, Certificate issued on 28.04.2022

Defectoscopy tested according to EN ISO 14644-3: 2019 by an accredited laboratory No. 1313.

Please visit following product page, or do not hesitate to contact our sales department.
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