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Air-Handling Unit MANDÍK in hygienic design

Hygienic AHUs, they follow up and expand the standard range and their operating conditions. Hygienic units are specially designed and structurally adapted to the requirements for the operation of hygienic and clean rooms, such as healthcare, laboratories and various types of industry.

The AHUs are certified by independent and respected laboratory „Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets“ from Germany and meet the following standard:
Standard and typical hygienic design:
  VDI 6022 Blatt 1
  SWKI VA104-01
  ÖNORM H 6021
Extended hygienic designs for hospitals and „clean rooms“:
  DIN 1946-4
  SWKI 99-3
  ÖNORM H 6020
The main characteristics of this design are:
  overall design of the unit to minimize the deposition of impurities and to eliminate the growth of bacteria and fungi
  overall design of the unit for trouble-free access to cleaning and disinfection of all parts of the unit (internal service areas, removable parts,…)
  smooth interior space without grooves, folds, sharp edges, etc. for safe cleaning and disinfection
  interior space structurally adapted to all requirements of hygienic standards (eg. supply filter equipped with a condensate drain pan, all condensate pans in a special 3D design, door seals without glue and removable gaskets for disinfection, etc.)
  installations are structurally modified to meet all requirements of standards (installation of filters, construction of fans / heat exchangers / silencers, damping pads, air- regulating dampers, chamber connections, etc.)
  internal material design meets the requirements of standards - metal parts made of stainless steel or powder coated, non-metallic parts (powder paints, rubbers, sealants, gaskets, etc.) are tested according to ISO 846 for bacterial and fungal inertness
  special powder paint used for all painted internal components in antimicrobial design
MANDÍK Air-Handling Units in hygienic design are based on standard design, which means, that it is possible to combine them arbitrarily:
  in the version of the M / P / T series
  in the dynamic dimensioning
  including Eurovent, RLT certification
  certified casing class T2 TB2 of walls
The following components are excluded from the hygienic design:
  integrated cooling
  gas / electric heating
The correct design of the MANDÍK Air-Handling Unit (AHU) according to the standard or extended hygienic standard (clean rooms) is integrated into the AHUMAN designing software. In the designing program AHUMAN are integrated several checks and warnings. They gradually lead to an overall hygienic valid design of the Air-Handling Unit.