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Control system

The control system for effective control of operation of the Mandík Air-Handling Units.



  • system design for any variant of the Mandík Air-Handling Unit assembly
  • comfort operation control by means of the Siemens Climatix controller
  • extensive communication functions - collaboration with most of the superior systems
  • easy control and full service setting by means of the display and push-buttons on the controller
  • metallic or plastic switchboards depending on the Air-Handling Unit configuration

Control system features

  • excellent price/performance ratio
  • simple installation
  • simple control in several variants
  • both local and remote control
  • both yearly and weekly time program
  • text display with clear image of all data
  • selection of image on the display in any European language (Czech as standard)
  • selection of more operating modes
  • temperature and humidity control in the inlet or in the room
  • automatic detection of heating or cooling need
  • complete fine control of the Air-Handling Unit operation
  • clear listing of alarms including history
  • changes in important parameters only after a password (more levels)
  • connection of all Air-Handling components in one control system
  • it controls all standard heating and cooling components
  • uniform marking of connecting terminals
  • control from local PC (standard delivery) or remotely by means of a web browser
  • possibility of visualization superstructure